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I have attached all the required document mentioned at checklist.

Terms and conditions of license.

i. The license shall be displayed at prominent and conspicuous place in part of the business premises open to the public.
ii. The holder of the license shall comply with the provisions of seeds (control) Order, 1983 and the notifications issued thereunder and for the time being in force.
iii. This license comes into force with immediate effect and shall be valid upto unless prviously cancelled or suspended.
iv. The holder of the license shall from time to time report to the licensing authority any change in the premises where he carries on his business of sale, export, import or storage for the said purposes of seeds.
v. The licensee shall give every facility to the licensing authority or any other officer acting under his Authority for the purpose of inspecting his stock in any shop, deport or godown of other place/places used by him for the purpose of storage, sale or export of Seeds.